Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Final 2


        Two friends find a fort in the forest and stargaze.


  1. Two Friends walk today into the woods. One (A)walks a log, happy and bouncy, the other (B) walks beside him on the ground, shaking his head at his friend. 
  2. A almost gets on the end of the log and almost fall off. B thankfully helps him down.
  3. the two kept walking and find a fort
  4. A goes up the ladder first and looks around. B starts to climb up....... AND THE LADDER BREAKS!
  5. A grabs B's hand before he falls and pulls him up.
  6. They sit there and catch their breath then look up
  7. They sit look at the stars.

Thursday, April 7, 2016


Links for Inspiration

Background Style

38-39°C from KANGMIN KIM on Vimeo.

 I plan to make the backgrounds with bristol and gouache. ( both of which I have already have brought.)


As for puppets, I would like to go with a felt puppet.

Two best friends decide to go explore in a forest to find their old fort from when they were younger and go stargazing.

  • We see the two friends walking into a large wooded area. One walking along a log, and the other beside them. It's midday. You can see the sun shining through the trees
  • The friend on the log gets to the end of the log and almost falls off. Their friend ,thankfully, helps them down. 
  • They point out spots along the way where they spent time together.
  • The two of them find their fort but the ladder been blown away so there's not a way up there and the sun starting to go down. 
  • They decide to help each up there. So the smaller of two is boosted up and then they help their friend climb up. Once they're up the sun is down.
  • They lay back and look up at the stars.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Super Hero Teddy Bear

My idea is to have a teddybear superhero flying through a city and jumping from building to building. 
For the Last jump he falls through crashes and a car alarm and screaming are heard.
The Building with created with Painted cardboard box and the character and sky will by with project

Suaveciclo by Vj Suave from vjsuave on Vimeo.


Thursday, March 10, 2016

Career Fair Workshop

I'm really excited about Career Fair Workshop this year because I had a lot of fun last year at Career Fair. I'm also graduating this semester as will, so I'm ready to network. They ran over the basic guidelines of when it starts, what to wear and how it works etc.

MCA's Career Fair works a little differently than most. The student are stationary and the businesses go from table to table to talk. It's set up to be an office.

I think the presentation of information was clear and neat. It was easy to follow and Carrie Brooks talked in polite but casual tone.

Visiting Artist

         The visiting artist for this presentation was a sculptor and his work was really cool! However the presentation was presented as a lecture on How to survive in the Professional World of Artist and the information present in the title was not cover until the very end of the lecture after the artist had already gone over the presentation time. 
         It was mostly him talking about himself and his own work butI really enjoyed his work! His work was mostly large public project sculptures. He talked a lot about his workshop and how it evolved through out his life.  It was really interesting to hear him talk about his work but it would have been nice to hear about the information that I was expecting.